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Consent is active, enthusiastic, sober, verbal, & an ongoing YES. It is not the absence of a NO.

"How does drinking influence consent?"

Alcohol consumption makes sexual consent challenging in these ways:

  • Impairs communication

  • Perception of consent can be misinterpreted

  • Increases likelihood of perpetrating or experiencing sexual assault

  • Navigating one's capacity to give consent

Language to Use

Check in with yourself:

Am I enjoying this?

Am I comfortable? Do I feel safe?

Are my boundaries being respected?

Check in with your partner(s):

How does this feel?

Are you comfortable?

What would you like me to do next?

Can I touch ___?

Can I give consent when drunk (or using other drugs)?

  • Consent can be given when you are drunk, so long as you are not incapacitated.

  • If you are incapacitated, you cannot give consent

Unsure how to navigate consent while drinking?

Check out this link for more information:

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