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Easy Stir Fry with Chef Drew

Queen's University Hospitality Services

In the video above, Chef Drew from Queen's University Hospitality Services demonstrates how to make an easy teriyaki stir fry dish with chicken strips or tofu (and other protein substitutions could be used as well)!

  • Vegetables – bok choy, celery, onion, carrot, broccoli, carrots, and red peppers - vegetables can be purchased at the grocery store whole from the fresh produce section and you can cut them at home, or they can be purchased pre-cut from the frozen section. At times, you can purchase a pre-cut fresh stir fry vegetable mix depending on the store

  • Teriyaki sauce– can be purchased at grocery store or you can make your own!

  • Chicken strips or tofu (plain diced tofu is used in the video, but it can also be marinated for a different flavour profile)


Step 1

Pre-heat the pan - when you are doing a stir fry you want to start with a hot pan so that food doesn’t stick to it! Then add the sesame oil - you will hear it start to sizzle because the pan is already hot. Carefully swirl the sesame oil in the pan to coat the pan

Step 2

Next, add minced garlic and minced ginger. Sauté for 10-15 seconds until there is a nice aromatic. Then add vegetables and sauté for 2 minutes.

Step 3

Once the vegetables are starting to cook, you can add the protein in (chicken strips or tofu) and approximately 3 ounces of teriyaki sauce. Sauté until the protein of choice is thoroughly cooked (3-7 minutes)

Step 4

Serve with starch of your choice! - Brown rice was prepared for the purpose of the video, but any rice such basmati, sticky, jasmine would go well with the dish. You could also use other starches! Add green onion and toasted sesame seeds on top for a garnish



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