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Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend!

If you needed a sign to participate in your first race weekend, let this be one!  

The Tamarack Ottawa Race weekend is considered Canada’s most popular multi-day running event. During this annual event, runners come together to compete in one or more of the six events: the marathon (42.2km), half marathon (21.1km), 10km, 5km, 2km and/or kids’ marathon. Throughout the event, tens of thousands of spectators line routes along the Rideau Canal, Ottawa River and other classic locations to cheer on the participants. This year, the event celebrated its 50th race weekend and demonstrated its immense progress from 146 participants from 50 years ago compared to the 33,000 runners this year. Furthermore, Run Ottawa is projected to surpass its goal of $1 million for various charities.


I had the opportunity to participate in the event’s “36.1km Challenger,” which consisted of the 5km, 10km, and half marathon races. As someone who got into running just this past year, I was so nervous about such a large-scale official run. However, my nerves quickly settled as I was blown away by the tremendous amount of positive support the “running community” emits. There were runners of all ages and skill levels participating and even more cheering spectators on the sidelines with funny posters, live bands, and snacks. There was so much happy energy and encouragement that it was almost impossible to not reach the finish line! I was so glad to reconnect with old friends and even make new ones (some of which were participating in their 30th consecutive marathon!). Finishing the race and knowing that my training finally paid off was such an amazing feeling. 

Ultimately, I will always remember this event as one of the best weekends of my life, and I encourage anyone on the fence about participating to take the leap and go for it!


Here are the winners of the Ottawa marathon and half marathon. (2024, May 26). Ottawa. marathon-1.6901408

Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend | Ottawa Tourism. (2024, May).


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