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Ask Me Anything About Sex: Q&A


Sexual health is a fundamental aspect of our overall health and well-being. The Peer Health Educators, Sexual Health Team aims to promote a safe environment for learning how to protect sexual health and wellness.


Got questions about sex? Submit your questions anonymously and have them answered by our expert panel comprised of students and staff who work in the sexual health field.  Answers will be posted below!

Interested in learning more about sexual health? Check out our Ask Me Anything About Sex Q & A:

Birth Control: Types & Effectiveness

Health Concerns & Safe Sex Practices

Birth Control Resources on Campus

Consent & Communication

Pregnancy-Related Questions


Safe Sex Practices

Speak with a healthcare practitioner to determine which birth control/contraceptive method is right for you

Practicing safe sex can protect against HIV transmission, pregnancy, and help prevent most STIs.


Consent should be obtained from both parties every time you plan to engage in a sexual act. Consent should be explicit and not assumed


Student wellness services: medical & mental health appointments

Sexual Health Resource Centre (SHRC) 

Sexual and Reproductive Health Resources

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