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Red Flag Campaign

Each February, the sexual health Peer Health Educator team hosts a social media campaign in collaboration with Queens University Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Services (QUSVPRS) with the goal of sharing information on identifying and responding to relationship red flags. 


The Red Flag Campaign highlights potential scenarios that may arise in relationships and empowers students to speak up if they spot a relationship red flag

Featured topics include jealousy, coercion, isolation, victim blaming, emotional abuse, sexual assault, and stalking.


What can healthy relationships look like?

  • willingness to try new things with each other 

  • honouring boundaries 

  • partner makes you feel safe, heard, and appreciated 

  • you're not afraid to speak up

  • healthy and honest communication

Healthy relationships look different for everyone.

Signs that you are in a healthy relationship can include:


What can unhealthy relationships look like?

It's important to keep in mind that any relationship, including friendship, can be unhealthy. Signs of an unhealthy relationship can include:

  • physical, emotional, financial and/or sexual abuse 

  • excessive jealousy

  • coercion/ peer pressure 

  • lack of trust 

  • disrespecting boundaries

  • controlling behaviour 

In Need of Support?


Queens university Sexual Violence
Prevention & 
Response services


Student wellness services medical & mental health appointments

Kingston health sciences centre - sexual assault & domestic violence

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