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Asking for a Friend: What in the World is this Blog Series?

Wow - looks like you have one smart friend because that is a good question.

Briefly, this is a place where you can ask anything on behalf of a friend or a “friend” about sex, drugs, and partying! Just some fun little activities you may or may not encounter during your time at Queen’s or elsewhere. If you do or don’t, either way you might have some burning questions. As a Queen’s party veteran who has experienced the chaos of Aberdeen, the line passed Metro for Stage Rage, and lost their favorite cowboy hat at Tumble, all one too many times, I just might have some insight for your very important questions.

You may have noticed an extensive list of safer substance use tips under the “Substance Use Health” sub-page. This section was designed to provide students with recommendations on how to reduce the harms associated with different substances. Take a look if you use, plan on using, or are just curious about substances and their effects and possible harms.

There is also a very detailed Sexual Health page that provides students with information about anything sex. If you are curious or interested in anything related to sex, I highly recommended taking at least a glance at the information provided, and then ask away any other questions.

Lastly, partying – ouuu the place where substance use and sex might collide, and more importantly where high-risk behaviors tend to flourish. To keep yourself and your friends safe while partying take a look at our party goer and thrower information and send in any other questions.

If you want to drink, do drugs, have sex... you do you! However, as an overcompensating empath I want to extend my support to help you do these things in the least harmful manner possible, so you can keep doing it if you please, or never do it again if it’s not your thing.

Listen to me or don’t, send in your friend's questions and let's see what information we can provide you to help maintain your health and wellbeing.


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